About Us

Platinum Global Enterprise

Platinum global enterprise limited is based in Scotland, UK with experience of trading in multitude of commodities worldwide including United Kingdom, Central Asia and the Far East. It is now embarking on a mission to move its arm of trade relationships to wider Africa, beginning with Senegal. To full fill such a commitment we are always looking for reliable partners in all parts of the world, and now than ever before in Africa; so that a mutual partnership of TRUST AND TRADE COULD TAKE PRESIDENCE. Platinum Global is a dynamic and evolutionary company, in sourcing the needs of our ever growing client base by pivoting the role of sourcing commodities whatever it may be; focusing on quality, price, reliability and the durability of the producer. Further to strengthen our commitment and partnership we go one step further in all possible occasions, to look into ; the fairtrade charter and vision, sgs or cotecna quality and system surveys of products and the british bureau of assessment recommendations of audit trail of principles of trade.

We will use all means necessary at all times and the guidance of our international team of consultants to do a proper detailed due diligence of all our suppliers whether big or small before we embark on discussing any contracts of supply. This framework of diligence; will look into the financial strength, product quality, factory worker charters, customer support, product codes, logistical efficiencies, and other relevant areas of importance according to the line of product. This strict practice is established in all our processes of trade to make sure that, “every client of platinum global gets delivered what was promised”

Our Aim

Our aim of implementing quality management standards in to our own organisation notably the BRITISH ASSESMENT BUREAU charter of accountability, traceability and transparency, helps us to increase standards internally. Furthermore implementation of such principles in systems, valuations and services are all designed to be compatible to blend in seamlessly, in order to achieve greater consistency in quality of service we provide to our clients.

We also aim to adhere to the charter and principles of fairtrade which has sound foundations for modern business. The fairtrades vision, mission and the strategic framework to embrace transparency, reduce poverty in the world, promote greater sustainable development, and encourage greater equality by improved stakeholder participation, is encouraged by our company.

All the above codes of practice has given us a very strong and high net worth client base on both sides of the trade which makes TRADE an enjoyable experience not only to us as a company but also to both parties of the trade deal. We are extremely committed to expand our trade not only on a client base but also on a broader commodity base globally.

Let us promote trade to all corners of the globe and I will like to welcome you to join hands with platinum global to make- trade a safe, sound and an enjoyable experience ; and as the old saying goes- trade what you see, not what you think…..

We at Platinum Global keep to the promise of our slogan – sourced globally trusted locally!

Message from the CEO