Milk Powder


Marco Polo in the 13th century reported that soldiers of Kublai Khan carried sun-dried milk on their expeditions.

Manufacturing Process

Milk powder manufacture is a simple process now carried out on a large scale.

Packaging, Storage and Shipment

Product can be shipped in plastic-lined multi-wall bags (25 kg) bags.


All milk powder exports from PLATINUM GLOBAL is inspected prior to loading in accordance to the Ministry of Commerce regulations, and Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, of the country of origin.

Generally, the inspection is done by a Government officer, an independence surveyor, and our in house product inspector, to inspect all lots of Production process and the product itself. Below are some other documents we at PLATINUM GLOBAL SEEK;

  1. Commercial Agreement: between P G and exporter, the two parties come to a contractual and mutual agreement.
  2. Quality Assurance: the inspections are done by our international surveyors; SGS OR COTECNA AS PER PRODUCT OR COUNTRY.
  3. Certificate of Origin (CO): issued by THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF THE ORIGINAL COUNTRY.
  4. Quality and health assurance certificates: issued by DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE and the MINISTRY OF HEALTH for milk export shipment.
  5. Delivery Guarantee: packed and shipped within ONE to FOUR weeks for small quantity ordered.
  6. FIRST FEEDER: by first freight schedule from port to port for quick transportation.
  7. FREE EXPORT TAX (VAT): it should not apply to the goods bought from us. (country dependant)
  8. NON-CIRCUMVENTION/NON-DISCLOSURE (NCND): any type of document that will guarantee we do not attempt to go directly to your buyer, if you are not the direct buyer.


WMPs are often packed under nitrogen gas to protect the product from oxidation and to maintain their flavour and extend their keeping quality. Packaging is chosen to provide a barrier to moisture, oxygen and light. Bags generally consist of several layers to provide strength and the necessary barrier properties. Shipments of milk powder should never suffer prolonged exposure to direct sunshine especially in tropical countries. A few hours at elevated temperatures (> 40 C) during transshipment can negate many weeks of careful storage.

Milk producers with ultra-modern spray-drying facilities are used as our PLATINUM GLOBAL suppliers.The flavour and profile of our Full Cream Milk Powder is internationally recognised as all milk processed is sourced exclusively from factories with their own farms, guaranteeing quality and traceability of supply, and is produced from cows fed on a natural, grass-based diet.

Milk powders are immensely more stable than fresh milk but protection from moisture, oxygen, light and heat is needed in order to maintain their quality and shelf life. Milk powders readily take up moisture from the air, leading to a rapid loss of quality and caking or lumping. The fat in WMPs can react with oxygen in the air to give off-flavours, especially at higher storage temperatures (> 30_C) typical of the tropics.