The rice plant is an annual grass that produces an edible seed, which is the actual rice. Rice is an aquatic plant and is commonly grown in flooded fields.

Types of Rice

Jasmine rice is known as Thai fragrant rice. It is originally from Thailand. Jasmine rice has a subtle sweet taste, delicate jasmine aroma and slightly sticky texture.

Shipping and Packing Detail

Basmati Rice is procured from authorized vendors of the market who follow natural cultivation techniques …


All rice exports from PLATINUM GLOBAL is inspected prior to loading in accordance to the Ministry of Commerce regulations, and Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, of the country of origin.

Generally, the inspection is done by a Government officer, an independence surveyor, and our in house rice inspector, to inspect all lots of Rice Production. Below are some other documents we at PLATINUM GLOBAL SEEK;

  1. Commercial Agreement: between P G and exporter, the two parties come to a contractual and mutual agreement.
  2. Quality Assurance: the inspections are done by our international surveyors; SGS OR COTECNA AS PER PRODUCT OR COUNTRY.
  3. Certificate of Origin (CO): issued by THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF THE ORIGINAL COUNTRY.
  4. Fumigation/Phytosanitary: issued by DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE for rice export shipment.
  5. Delivery Guarantee: packed and shipped within ONE to FOUR weeks for small quantity ordered.
  6. FIRST FEEDER: by first freight schedule from port to port for quick transportation.
  7. FREE EXPORT TAX (VAT): it should not apply to the goods bought from us. (country dependant)
  8. NON-CIRCUMVENTION/NON-DISCLOSURE (NCND): any type of document that will guarantee we do not attempt to go directly to your buyer, if you are not the direct buyer.