Specifications and Shipment

Specifications for Prilled Urea 46%N:

  • Nitrogen: 46.0% min.
  • Moisture: 0.3% max.
  • Biuret: 1.0% max.
  • Granulation: 1 – 4 mm 90-94% min.
  • Melting Point: 132 Degrees Celsius
  • Colour: Pure White Prilled
  • Radiation: Non-Radioactive
  • Free Ammonia: 160pxt ppm max.

Prilled, Free Flowing, Treated against caking, 100% free from harmful substances.

Specifications for Granular Urea 46%N:

  • Nitrogen: 46.0% min.
  • Moisture: 0.5 % max.
  • Biuret: 1.4% max.
  • Granulation: 2 – 4 mm 90-94% min.
  • Melting Point: 132 Degrees Celsius
  • Colour: Standard White or Pure White
  • Radiation: Non-Radioactive
  • Free Ammonia: 160pxt ppm max.

Free Flowing, Treated against caking, 100% free from harmful substances.

Urea Storage

Urea fertilizer has to be stored in a cool, dry and a well-ventilated area is our recommendation.

Urea is neither combustible nor explosive. It can be stored safely with no loss of quality under normal circumstances. Small or fast-moving augers should not be used to move granular urea. Urea particles are generally soft and abrasion can break the granules. Belt conveyers should be used whenever possible.

Urea should not be stored with ammonium nitrate. These materials, when in contact, rapidly absorb water when the relative humidity is above 18%.

Packaging and shipment

Solid urea is marketed as prills or granules. The advantage of prills is that in general they can be produced more cheaply than granules but because of their narrower particle size distribution, have an advantage over prills if applied mechanically to the soil. Properties such as impact strength, crushing strength and free-flowing behaviour of the product are particularly important in handling, storage and bulk transportation specially in international logistical challenges.

We at Platinum global have a wide supplier sourse who can accomadate specific individual needs ranging from individual 20 foot containers to to ship loads, depending on worldly demands and contractual commitments of committed clients.


The bags of urea can be loaded to a total of 24- 25 MTon into one 20ft container

The product can be delivered in 3 main ways:

  • Bulk – loose in shiploads; with a minimum of 12500 mtons normally.
  • Bulk in 1 ton, 1.5 mt, or 2 mt woven polypropylene Jumbo Bulker Bags.
  • 50 kg “poly” Bags wet proofed for ocean freight/shipping new 2 ply woven bags (polypropylene outside and polyethylene inside)

The Buyer must descript the packing art work and/ or packaging method in the delivery schedule at the time of signing the contract. Our friendly staff at PLATINUM GLOBAL WILL BE THERE TO HELP YOU WITH ANY QUERIES. All other client requirements can be discussed and confirmed within the parameters of the regulations and legal obligations allowed.

Note; branding and artwork can be accommodated to client s wishes but time factors and cost implications may arise

Packaging in 50 kg bag will have markings using English Language of seven (7) lines in black on one side with the word “UREA” to be printed in double size of other six (6) lines. Buyer to provide draft wording and logo artwork to customise it.

General Sample as below:

  • UREA
  • NITROGEN 46.0% MIN
  • BIURET 1.0% MAX
  • 50KGS Net

INSPECTION: By an Independent Inspection Company in the country of origin for weight, quantity, quality of this cargo. Furthermore Platinum global will get either SGS or Cotena which are established quality certifying companies to do a survey if deems necessary. The result of the shipped weight, quantity and quality is issued by this company at port of loading to be final for both parties.

PAYMENT TERMS: L/C at sight 100%. (A deposit of 10 -30 % may be needed at times)


SHIPMENT TIME: within 21-28 days upon receiving Buyers Deposit or L/C copy. (Terms and conditions apply and variable on destination of shipment and depends on loading and unloading ports)